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Wanderer Boots vs Explorer Boots

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Wanderer Boots vs Explorer Boots

We are thrilled to say that you spoke and we listened!

Since launching the Muddy Munchkins and Explorer boots, customers have raved about how their kids love playing in them! They are comfortable, lightweight and easy to use. However, some of our customers were finding that the sleek soles of the Explorer and Muddy Munchkins boots were a bit too form-fitting for their kiddos if they had really wide feet. "Make them wider, please!" was something we were hearing often enough that we knew we needed to tweak the sole design to accommodate wider feet. ALL kids need to play outside!  

So...(drum roll please!)



Wanderer Boots - Features and Benefits


Now, you might be asking yourself, they look kind of the same... so what is the difference between the Wanderer boots and our Explorer or Muddy Munchkins boots?

In a nutshell, Wanderer Boots have all the same great features as the Explorer boots. There is no functional difference between them as far as we can see.  

Wanderer boots

  • Come in a new larger size! Comes in sizes Toddler 3/4 to Youth 3
  • Fit wider than Explorer or Muddy Munchkins Boots
  • Depending on type, may accommodate kids orthotics or AFOs
  • Have a slightly stiffer sole for those parents not so sure about the softness/ultraflexible sole of the Explorer and Muddy Munchkins Boots
  • Have a removable insole (when removed may better accommodate high arches or orthotics)
  • Have a new tread design (on all sizes)
  • Flexible, two-part sole for added colour and style

So there you have it! The Wanderer has arrived. After all that, which one is better you might ask? In our minds, there is no winner. They are both great boots, you can't go wrong with either one. They are just a little bit different, that's all.

Sorry we haven't had a chance to update the sizing chart yet- but the new size 3 should fit up to 21.8- 22 cm in length quite well.

We continue our mission to create innovative, practical, multi-functional and trans-seasonal products that help you enjoy heading outside with your kiddos. We love your input, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us via social media, email or commenting here! Enjoy the journey, everyone!



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