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Winter Fun in MyMayu Toddler Boots

Winter has arrived and we've been putting MyMayu's MM Toddler Boots to the test. Many people have asked us about the temperature rating for our boots.  After a week in the snow and frigid temperatures, we are excited to report that the boots performed extremely well! The MM Fleece Liners and a pair of good wool socks kept our son's toes and feet warm enough for a significant amount of playtime. The only time he complained of cold feet was the day we carried him more than he walked (it was pretty cold and blustery though- the temperature was -20 C!!! (-4F)) I was FROZEN and my feet took a lot longer to warm up than his did. 



We tested the MM Toddler Boots over several days in various winter conditions and doing different outdoor activities:

-20 C (-4 F) for one hour in snow sledding- feet still warm enough with boots, fleece liners and wool socks but toes a bit chilly to the touch (though he was being carried a lot so not a lot of movement on his own meant colder toes)
-15 (5 F) for 1 hour in the snow- walking in the snow and tobogganing- feet still dry and warm to the touch with boots, fleece liners and wool socks
-5 C (23 F) for over one hour on snow and ice and walking around Banff- feet still dry and warm to the touch with boots, fleece liners and wool socks
-2 C (28 F) for over an hour at the playground- no complaints of cold toes or feet and feet dry and warm to the touch with boots, fleece liners and cotton socks
-1 C (30 F) for 2 hours in the snow, walking in the snow and sledding - feet still dry and warm to the touch with boots, fleece liners and wool socks 

Here is what was usually on his feet each time we went out to play in the colder weather:

MyMayu MM Toddler Boots, MM Fleece Liners and wool socks

Some people have questioned the ability of MyMayuToddler boots to withstand slippery conditions in snow and on ice. "Do they grip enough?" is a common question.  In our opinion, yes they do!

It was exciting to see how he navigated the snow and ice. MyMayu boots did not get in the way of his winter fun and he didn't slip on the ice, even when running!

Disclaimer: Please note that we have not had the boots and liners tested by an independent lab to obtain an official temperature rating for them. We trust that parents will monitor the warmth of their child's feet when wearing MyMayu boots and liners, just as they would with any other boots! Parents are smart and kids are pretty honest about being cold, aren't they? In our experience,"I'm cooooooooold!" tends to be voiced quite freely and candidly by little explorers. We are parents first and foremost and always make sure we're checking the condition of our kids' extremities when playing outside in colder temperatures.

Have more questions about MyMayu products? Have you been using MM Boots and Liners outside in colder temperatures? We'd love to hear about your experiences!

Email us! suzanne@mymayu.com



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