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What about that tread?

MyMayu's Toddler boots have a unique sole for a kids' outdoor boot. Have you noticed that most rain boots and outdoor shoes or boots for toddlers actually have a heel- as in a one inch heel or more! How does that make sense? I don't know about you, but high heels are treacherous for me and I have been walking for over 42 years! Why put kids in the equivalent of toddler stilettos for outdoor adventures?!

Recently, we went for a family hike on wet ground and slippery rocks (another deluge in North Vancouver the previous day). I was wearing my hiking boots with the traditional hard tread that LOOKS like it should grip well and be great for all sorts of surfaces. Rio was wearing a pair of our Toddler boots. Now, looking at the photos below- mine and his... which one do you think gripped better when climbing up a dry rock face and climbing over wet algae covered stones? (Spoiler alert: HIS!)


When we designed the soles for the Toddler boots we tried to make them sleek and grippy so that little kids just learning how to navigate in the woods (and the world!) wouldn't be tripped up by bulk. We also didn't raise the heel so that your child doesn't have to deal with a kids' version of stilettos! We've found that the lack of heel and the sole being all on one plane makes it easier for little people to walk, run, jump and play. Hooray!

Now, what about that tread? People have been asking us about the tread on the soles of the Toddler boots. "Does it grip? Don't the kids slip in them? It doesn't look very grippy..." We are happy to say that - YES!- it does grip. The difference with our sole is that it is made from a soft, ultra-flexible rubber and that, combined with the tread, makes the sole pretty darn good in our opinion.

We've tested them lots and have had lots of feedback from parents who say that even though it might not look very grippy, it is! Kids can walk over all sorts of terrain, wet and dry and the soles function as well (or better) than any other rubber boot in the woods, on the street and at the playground. In fact, we had one very happy customer send us a video comparing MyMayu boots with other boots and the difference is amazing. Take a look:

We are on a mission to get kids outside and exploring in boots that don't get in the way. No heel, lightweight flexible rubber and a tread that works means MyMayu boots perform.

Come play with us!



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