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About MyMayu

Our Mission is to
create innovative outdoor gear
made from durable materials
that results in happy families.

Welcome to MyMayu! (Pronounced MY-MY-YOU)

MyMayu was created out of necessity: a little boy without proper boots wanted to follow his big brother in the rain. Too many puddle jumping sessions had been cut short by face-plants in the water because of bulky, clunky rubber boots that were too big, too heavy and made him trip. There had to be a better boot.

We wondered:

  • What if there were boots that kids could run in - downhill- backwards- in the rain- without tripping?
  • What if they were not only light-weight, but also sleek?
  • What if they felt more like a shoe than a boot?
  • What they actually stayed on their feet and were comfortable?
  • What if they came up to the knee and cinched tight so splashed water wouldn’t get inside?
  • What if they dried quickly if they did happen to get wet inside?

After a lot of hard work, we designed a boot that turned all of those “what-ifs” into reality and MyMayu was born. MyMayu gear is designed to help families enjoy exploring all the wonders of the outdoors together.

We know that kids are little people, but not little adults. Their proportions are different; their needs are different. Outdoor gear for kids needs to fit well so that adventures are not cut short. It also needs to be easily cared for and durable. MyMayu designs products with this in mind.

MyMayu believes in natural simplicity. We need so little to be happy. Being outdoors with kids proves this. It provides us with a new perspective- or rather, an old one, rediscovered. Kids know innately, intuitively, without reservation, that it's ok to get messy. With a little imagination, the fields are other planets, trees are castles and stones are magic tokens. Fewer toys and more time outside brings the simple joys of nature into focus.

Family-focused gear thoughtfully designed by parents.

MyMayu makes quality outdoor gear for kids- big and small AND for the kid inside of all of us! We do this so that the whole family can play and explore outside. We want everyone to feel the joy and freedom felt when trekking through mud, rolling around in the sand, jumping in puddles and immersing oneself in nature. With the proper gear, we can all focus on the experience of playing outside and being a part of nature with or without our children.

Childhood passes too quickly; carefree days in the dirt are soon bogged down by adult responsibilities. We strive to bring back that sense of wonder to adults. MyMayu gear encourages the whole family to enjoy the outdoors by allowing parents to be fully present. Why not focus on the excitement that kids bring along with those sticks and rocks rather than the laundry? Playing outside is nourishing for the body and soul. The time and attention we give our family while exploring and appreciating the outdoors is truly priceless. 

Welcome to the world of MyMayu. We focus on the gear, so you can focus on your outdoor adventures.